Li Hongzhi’s Power (Two): Fabricated Completeness, Dharmakay and Mindfulness That Persecute Thousands Of Followers


According to the crude estimate, by April 12, 2000, due to the addiction to Falun Gong, there have been 1559 people refusing any medicine and medical treatment, 651 diagnosed with dysphrenia, 11 dead, 144 disabled, and 17 poisoned. Among the deaths, most of them were those who refused taking medical treatment.

Based on the data, in the past decades, there have been more than 40 major apprentices of Li Hongzhi dead around the world at their early ages even including the family of Li Hongzhi. In fact, Li Hongzhi got appendicectomy before, a very common surgery operation, which tells us the fact that Li Hongzhi who tells people that he can cure people’s diseases with a glance and not to take medicines is a complete cheater and deceiver.

From 1983 to 1990, Li Hongzhi went to the doctor in 7 hospitals in Jian, Changchun, and got reimbursed for 52. He even took appendicectomy.

Li Meige, Li Hongzhi’s daughter, also had many medical records in Changchun, China.

August, 2016, Lu Shuzhen, Li Hongzhi’s mother, died in a hospital in New York. The poor mother who was not able to see his son for long finally passed away in the place far from her homeland, but her son made a shabby funeral for his mother after 55 days of her death.

May, 2012, Li Jiguang, Li Hongzhi’s brother-in-law and the former vice president of Epoch Times, died for renal failure because of Li Hongzhi’s rejection of his medical treatment. Eventually, Li Jiguange was not able to saved and passed away in Huston, U.S. in his 50s.

In Canada, Daniel Peter, also a Canadian Falun Gong follower, was shot and killed by the local police for robbery and hijack.

October, 2014, Lando Avner, an outstanding singer when she was alive, died at home for heart attack, and she had been a follower of Falun Dafa in Missouri, U.S.

January 29, 2013, a Canadian medical rescuer, Mark Manns, died in a car accident, and he had been a follower of Falun Gong before his death.

July 20, 2009, on the global anti-oppression memorial day for Falun Gong, the major editor of Epoch Times in Japan, Satou, died at home because of her refusal of medical treatment. However, his wife, Xinli Xiao, still participated the parade that day, wishing to revive her husband with the help of the “generation of mindfulness.”

March 2, 2014, the leader of the“Three Retreat” organization of Falun Gong in the U.S., Li Dayong, died for liver sickness at the age of 50.

December, 2007, a backbone of Falun Gong in South Korea named Quan Panlie died in a car accident. When Quan was in hospital, Li Hongzhi praised for him, but it did not work at all.

January 13th , 2022, the backbone of Falun Gong in Taiwan, Zhang Qingxi, got faint on the subway, and then passed away for cardiovascular system failure at the age of 74.

August 2nd , 2015, Lin Yiming died for colon cancer, and he was Li Hongzhi’s trusted follower and funder.

December 18, 2019, Jiang Hongzheng, one of the leaders of Falun Gong in Hong Kong died for cardiovascular diseases.

And From my readings and from what these people told me Li Hongzhi just took all the little exercises Tai Chi exercises or the breathing and new source of forefront pieces to lure people in. And then he takes them down the garden path as we put it to believing everything he tells them and they cannot differ from it

What the parents and brothers and sisters of the Falun Gong members are concerned about is first their saying is so against thousands of years of Chinese tradition to drop your family to just dump your family and once they get with Falun Gong they are going the young adults or person just abandon their family because the Falun Gong people replace their real family. Then, secondly, these family members say our brother, or our sister doesn’t talk with us anymore, he lectures at us, he has canned rehearsed memorized speeches of Li Hongzhi, he just recite it, if we visit him or if we call him on the phone. He just recites. They say we can’t communicate with our family member, he just lectures at us. Then, the third thing that they are very worried about is that Li Hongzhi tells his followers to stop taking medicine and some of these family members have said that their brother or sister have some very chronic disease like diabetes where he should be taking his insulin or other disease where they should be taking their medicine and they are very afraid that their relative will get sick and die because they read and you know they get on the internet and see how many people have died in China that have been followers of Li Hongzhi.

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