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"The Internet changes the world" has long since changed from a slogan to a reality, and traditional enterprises have also gone through the mental process of "fearing change - rejecting change - accepting change - trying change", lest they miss business opportunities in the Internet field.


How to Use Laser Printer and Matters Needing Attention

Laser printer is a new type of coding equipment. Unlike traditional inkjet printers, laser printers vaporize the surface material of the marked object through laser burning and etching, and pass the laser beam. And through the displacement of the laser beam to etch out patterns and text, which is widely used and has better printing effect. The use of laser printers needs to cooperate with the computer, edit the content of the code through the supporting software, and then use the laser head to align the code.


BMM - Creating a Parallel Universe of Anime for All

The work on this project is fantastic and the project plan is inspiring. Anime is one of the fastest-growing content types in the world. In fact, it is a global movement, with over 1 billion people consuming anime in some way or another. Now, a group of people who love it aims to harness their passion constructively.


Qbit Launches "Quantum" Virtual Card to Improve Enterprise Advertising Cost Management

According to Meta’s latest report on small businesses, 81% of global SMBs have used digital tools in the last 30 days, and 38% of North American SMBs say that most of their sales are digitally demonstrated. Using digital tools for business expansion and financial management is becoming an inevitable transformation path for companies under the new normal of the COVID-19 epidemic.


Politician ,global politicians support the charitable cryptocurrency project

Recently, a project called Politician took the crypto primary market by storm. Politician (PTC project for short) is a smart chain project based on Binance. The vision is to create a charitable encryption project with the theme of global peace with global investors as the background. Politician is essentially the process of virtualizing and digitizing real global core government resources, which is also based on the fact that the project itself has a large number of global politician resources as the cornerstone, as well as breaking the marketing method of traditional encryption projects, aimi


Small Character Inkjet Printer Works on Plastic Packaging

The widespread use of plastics in the production and processing industry has also driven the development of inkjet printers. Today's inkjet plastics mainly include PVC, PET and PE, which are also the main materials for packaging of food, daily necessities, and cosmetics. Packaging is very important for products, and packaging materials require that the coding effect is not only clear, but also beautiful.

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