Amazing Hohem Gimbal Stabilizer iSteady Q


Amazing Hohem Gimbal Stabilizer iSteady Q

Nowadays, phone filming is getting more and more popular. Stable enough to shoot motion pictures is highly needed. A gimbal stabilizer is a very simple accessory that can meet the above need.

A gimbal stabilizer is a tool that uses motors and intelligent sensors to support and stabilize a camera – meaning the user can film silky smooth video footage while on the move. Hohem is a brand focusing on research and development of image stabilization technology, hohem’s newly upgraded hohem iSteady Q can master every shot.


As a 4 in 1 selfie stick stabilizer, hohem iSteady Q has 4 different forms, gimbal stabilizer, expandable stick, desktop tripod stands and desktop 360° follow mode. The user can conveniently regulate various shooting scenarios and meet various angle requirements. The two-axis anti-shake design allows the user to take more stable videos than using a phone even in motion. This portable selfie stick gimbal is a lso suitable for taking selfies, recording video, and outdoor activities.


The 2 axis anti-shaking function provides the user with stability, and the auto balance technology makes it easy for the phone to stay stable in the horizontal or vertical phase while recording videos. The anti-shake technology also mitigates the defect of hand shaking and allows the user to shoot like a pro whether he is indoors or outdoors.


Hohem Joy APP offers a variety of interesting shooting templates to choose from. Users can easily achieve classic shooting styles such as Hitchcock Dolly zoom, 600° auto rotation, slow motion, and time lapse functions. With just one click, this phone gimbal can automatically rotate 270°/180° to bring movie-like initial images. It is an ideal companion for Vlogger, even for the beginner.

Hohem iSteady Q gimbal stabilizer has a wide compatibility with iPhone, Samsung, or Android smartphones. It is only 0.43 lbs and easy to carry.

For people who like to record daily life and hate bringing cumbersome equipment, hohem iSteady Q gimbal stabilizer is really a good choice. Click on the links below to find out more about the hohem iSteady Q:

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